Charitable Causes

One of the aims of PGS, as listed in our constitution, is to be a not for profit organisation, and as such the running costs of the society for the website, trophies and apparel are funded entirely by the members.

However, the competition entry fees and fines, administered for transgressions of ‘Spoof Etiquette’ are earmarked for charitable causes as agreed by the members.

For this current year, the members nominated and voted democratically for their chosen charity and the winner was ‘Penkridge and District Community First Responders’

Support the First Responders

Based in the village, they are a small group of people living or working in Penkridge and the surrounding South Staffordshire villages who volunteer in partnership with West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) to respond to life threatening emergency medical calls, providing vital assistance to people who are ill or injured prior to the arrival of the Emergency Ambulance. Their aim is also to help raise funds, providing vital life saving equipment for the responders to use, support running costs and help with general administration.

Later in 2018, PGS will be delighted to present the group with a sum of money to help them with their work.

‘providing vital assistance, promoting recovery and occasionally,
making the difference between life and death’

One thought on “Charitable Causes

  1. Thank you for adopting us as your local charity! Not only is financial help important but so is the support and willingness of local people and groups to recognise that what we do is valuable this really does motivate our volunteers!


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