Who We Are…

The Penkridge Gentlemen Spoofers are active in raising money for good causes and projects, suggested by members – raising over £1,000 per year for local causes agreed by our members !

If you would like more information or wish to consider joining our group (which comes with being willing to contribute to raising money for local causes) please use this link to drop us a line – ‘Contact Us’

PGS are based in the village of Penkridge, Staffordshire, UK. Originating in 2014, with the formal constitution completed in early 2017, it is the longest running spoofing school in Penkridge.  Spoof is held at any opportunity where a ‘gathering’ of members occurs…. in bars, on trains, in fact, anywhere !

Besides ad hoc Spoofing, we host the Annual Members Championships during November, with plans each year to hold various events including Invitational / Open Events for the wider enjoyment of the local community.

PGS Founder Members / Officers

 Current Officers

 Mr N. Hawkins
 Vice Chairman  Mr D. Southan
 Secretary  Mr T. Turner
 Treasurer  Mr W. Adams
 Sales  Mr M. Laughland

Founder Members

 Mr R. Archer  Mr C. Harrison
 Mr M. Byrne (no longer member)  Mr N. Harrison
 Mr P. Bickford Mr. J. Kilkenny (no longer member)
 Mr P. Hampton Mr. A. Foster
Mr G. Wright


Mr R. Marsh Mr A.Skitt
Mr M.Newman Mr E. Briscoe

Founding Constitution – 26th November 2016

The scanned copy of the original signed Constitution (Issue 1) can be found here – Founding Constitution

Constitution Revisions

These will be submitted, accepted at membership meetings and recorded in minutes.

Issue 2 – Accepted on 9th February 2018 – PGS Constitution Feb18 – Issue 2

Issue 3 – Accepted on 15th February 2019 – PGS Constitution Feb19 – Issue 3