The Annual Championships of 2018 took place in the Cross Keys Pub on Saturday 24th November 2018, followed by the Annual Dinner at the Wing Fat Chinese Restaurant.

The fantastic sum of £xxx.xx was raised for Charity purely from the entrance fee and fines imposed for transgressions of ‘Spoof Etiquette’

All the scores from the initial 2 schools, Final and Wooden Spoon table are below.

2018 Spoof Champion – Mr Archer

2018 Master of Etiquette – Mr Archer

2018 Champion of the Wooden Spoon – Mr Foster


The essential pre game preparation began : Drinks ordered, Table Etiquette under strict observance, Chair of Sippers delegated , traditional coins in place, scorers briefed and steely determination etched on faces (some are uncannily permanent) …. and finally the call….

‘Gentlemen, When the hands are out…..’





Wooden Spoon


School A & B