Spoofers logo when the hands are out

There are a few main points of etiquette associated with this game.

Extracted from…. PGS Rules – Spoof Etiquette

Spoofing is a game played by gentlemen, thus, when a fellow spoofer guesses the correct amount of coins he must refrain from showing any emotion and in a polite and gentlemanly manner ask to leave the game.
If our fellow spoofer does not do this, he will be asked to re-join the group until he can leave the game with the right etiquette.
Something along the lines of “Thankyou gentlemen, it has been a pleasure spoofing with you, I would like to leave the game”.
Gloating when getting out of a school, particularly in the first round, is severely frowned upon and shall be subject to a fine not exceeding a bottle of port.
Gloating is also the sign of a novice spoofer or a gentleman of exceedingly low origin and is not to be encouraged under any circumstance.

2. The call of ‘Gentlemen…. When the Hands are out….’ must result in an immediate onset of silence as the Call to Order of the school table.

3. Colleagues of PGS MUST ONLY refer to each other using ‘Mr…..’ – supported, when required, by a distinguishing phrase to determine between players with same surname e.g. Senior, Junior, Dr.

4. Absence from a school during a spoof cannot, and will not, be tolerated. Fines can be levied at the discretion of either the players or a member of the Committee if present but must not exceed a round of drinks for those participating in the school.

5. If any player wishes to guess zero, believing that everyone’s hand is empty, it is conventional to shout ‘spoof’, this signifying a guess of zero.

6. Calls should be audible (that means you can hear them), clear and concise and should be made without undue delay.

7. Players must remember their own calls above all else. An unclaimed winning call shall result in all players resuming the spoof as if the call had not been made until one or other of them can remember their winning call. This situation usually occurs late in the session or after substantial amounts of alcoholic refreshments have been consumed.

8. There is no obligation for calls by any player to be repeated. Not remembering the previous calls, or not paying attention, are regarded as signs of a novice and are frowned upon by spoofers with even a modicum of calibre.

9. Having the honour is indeed an honour and should be treated as such. Any player refusing to honour this honour will be subject to a fate most inglorious and quite possibly banished from further spoofing.

Other Etiquette

• On no event is spoofing ever to be undertaken for monetary reward or for favours of a sexual nature. This is the most heinous crime against the tradition and honour of the game of spoofing and can have the most undeniably horrific consequence.

• The game of spoof is a gentlemen’s game and, as such, members of the female persuasion in general should be discouraged from spoofing (unless in the possession of a container of Ale, well-filled). The one exception to this rule shall be on the last Tuesday before Christmas when, as their Yuletide present, said females shall be invited to show their feminine guiles in the ancient art of spoofing.

• Etiquette decrees that three coins of equal size should be used. More than three coins held by a player will automatically be declared a hand of three.

• Many schools of spoof operate a ‘no bum shouts’ rule. This means that each call that is made must be hypothetically possible given only your knowledge of what you hold in your hand and the number of other players in that round of the game. Consider, as an example, two players competing in a round, one of whom holds two coins. Given that the other player could conceivably have as many as three coins, or as few as zero, this player can make any call between two and five inclusive. A shout of either six, one or spoof would be a ‘bum shout’. The penalty for making a bum shout can either be to endure being called an idiot, and to have to play the round again, (friendly rules) or an immediate forfeit of that game, with the player buying the round of drinks in question (old-fashioned rules). Some schools will permit bum shouts and it is important thing to establish if this is the case, and the penalty for making such a call, when playing in a school for the first time.

• Illegal calls are those that have already been called by another player. These calls, if noticed, must be retracted immediately and another possible call made. If unnoticed, the original call shall be deemed to be correct and the subsequent call incorrect.