Who was the winner …. Horse & Jockey Spoof contest


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Wednesday 11th October was the date of the latest bi-monthly PGS meeting and once the evening’s business had been swiftly concluded by our Chair, Mr Harrison Snr. the evening was left clear for an ad hoc ‘school’.

With the participants consisting of Messrs. Harrison Jnr, Hampton, Wright, Adams, Archer, Southan, Laughland and Foster…. there were no clear favourites.
Early casualties followed…leaving Mr Adams and Mr Harrison Jnr to compete in the final school.

And the winner was …. Mr Adams……who graciously respected the ‘No Gloating’ PGS ethos, thanking Mr Harrison Jnr for his efforts.

  • Not quite sure what Mr Archer was celebrating ….?
  • Mr Foster left the scene quietly……

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