Donation made to Staffordshire Women’s Aid

We have visited the Outreach centre for Staffordshire Women’s Aid to learn about the fantastic work they do to support various women and their families in the community and in the refuge housing they provide.

Organised by Sarah Parry, their Community Partnership Consultant, we visited to pass our donation of £600 to them and to also understand what they had decided to spend the donation on.

Charlotte gave us a great explanation of the work carried and how the donation will be used for a range of items to support their beneficiaries, such as :

  • Party food for Christmas parties; one for the children, one for all the families and an afternoon tea for the Moms
  • 4 medium turkeys, 100 pigs in blankets, large sack potatoes
  • 6 shopping trolleys for our outreach programme
  • Cycling helmets – adults and children.  In January one of our team will be starting cycling proficiency lessons with some of the children and Moms.  For the adults this is part of our wider work (Building Better Opportunities) where we help the women we are supporting back into work.  Transport can be a barrier to this so we provide bicycles, safety equipment and lessons as part of the programme.  So this is a great way to support our work.

Sarah told us : ‘I’ll write again as soon as I know what else we need/things which haven’t been donated so that you can let your group know how we’ve spent your donation.  This is so helpful to us and really does make a difference
Staffordshire Women’s Aid
PO Box 2387
ST16 3WS

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