2021 UK Nationals – Mr Marsh finishes 3rd !

6 esteemed members of Penkridge Spoofers ventured down to a historical venue in Chelsea, to compete in the 2021 UK National Spoofing Championships.

The Hollywood Arms played host to 50 of the finest Spoofers in the country to determine the 2021 champion on Saturday 27th November, almost 50 years since it began, with 3 original entrants from 1974 in attendance !

After round 1, the Repechage and Quarter Finals, there were 4 out of 50 left in the game including our very own Mr Marsh, who unfortunately missed out on a place in the final but secured a very creditable 3rd place !

One thought on “2021 UK Nationals – Mr Marsh finishes 3rd !

  1. Gutted – t thought we could have some entries from Rastrick Gentlemen Spoofers – is it still possible to enter please?


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